Integration Standards


This section is still under construction, and the following standards are still to be defined.

This document describes the quality and performance standards for allies to integrate with the Rappi API.

Adhering to these standards result in the best experience using the API, and ensures a successful integration with Rappi.


The standards described in this portal are subject to change at any time.

Quality Standards

For Rappi, the best integration experience is essential in our process. For this reason, we recommend you adhere to the following practices when using the Rappi API. We continue working on help you improving the process, and as we develop new features and workflows, we continue enhancing our performance standards.

Performance Standards

The integrations with our allies must meet the following criteria:

  • Log in to Rappi with your token once a week to make requests.
  • Make requests to the Rappi API in order to get orders leaving a 45 seconds gap between requests.


Integrations that fail to meet a 98% success rate in their API requests can be subject to revoked API access, removal, or disabling of restaurant stores from the Rappi application.

Order Integrations

The order integrations must meet the following requirements.


These are the requirements for the order integrations.

  • Adhere to the order integration flow.

  • Reject orders through API only when you cannot process the order, and your store is affected by processing this order.

  • Ensure the items in your orders have the correct price.

  • Ensure that the totals in your orders are correct.

  • Ensure that the items in your orders are not out of stock.

  • Ensure that your orders are not missing any information, or that they contain incorrect information.