Authentication Process#

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This section contains all the information that you need to get your API credentials, and guides you through the authentication process to use the Rappi Public API.

Authentication Requirements#

Rappi uses OAuth 2.0 as the authentication method for secure API requests to the Rappi Public API.

During the integration process, Rappi grants you your own set of API credentials. With these credentials, you must generate a token to authenticate when making API requests.

The API credentials that Rappi gives you consist of the following objects:

Item Description
Client ID This is the identifier of the client where you authenticate.
Client Secret This is the secret that you require to authenticate for your integration.
Audience This is the identifiers of the Rappi API.
Grant Type This is permission to request.


Depending on the API you use, the audience will change and you will have to generate a token to use it

Generating an Access Token#

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Generate an access token through an API call using the POST token endpoint.


Your access token has a validity of 1 week. After this time, you must generate a new token to continue making requests to our secured endpoint.

To generate your token:

Make a POST request to one of the following URLs, and add a JSON to the body of the request with the following object.

  • Development URL:
  • Production URL:

The following code sample the structure of the JSON object in the body of the request:



The values from this JSON are not real data. Ensure to replace them with your own data when making API requests.

The following table describes the values of the request body attributes:

Attributes Requirement Description
required Client Id of your Rappi Credentials.
required Client Secret of your Rappi Credentials.
required Identifier of the Rappi API.
required Permission to request.

The system responds with your access_token.

Now that you have your token, you can start integrating with the Rappi Public API.


API Audience Vlue
Public Api V2 {Country domain}/api/v2/restaurants-integrations-public-api
Utils https://rest-ops-utils/api

Using Your Access Token#

To authenticate using your access token when making API requests:

Include your access token in a custom header of your request with the following values:

Key Value
x-authorization bearer [{access_token}]

{access_token}: This is your generated access token.

Ensure to include these values in the header of all your API requests for a successful authentication.