Appendix - Integration Glossary#

The following table contains the most common terms used by Rappi and their descriptions:

Term Description
Ally The Companies and individuals that are part of the Rappi catalog.
POS (Point Of Sale) The main Point of Sale Rappi registers for the ally. This is where you configure your brands, your stores, and their contents.
Brand The different trade names Rappi registers for the POS of the ally. You can assign various brands to your POS.
Store The different selling establishment options that the brand has available.
Menu The list of items available per store of the brand.
Item The products available in the menus for the users to order.
Item ID The identifier that Rappi grants an item when creating it in the system.
Item SKU The identifier that the ally grants an item when creating it in the system.
Order The list of items that the users request to a store through the Rappi application.
Discount The price reduction campaigns available for items in the menu.

Rappi uses these terms during the integration process. If you—during any of the steps of the API integration—find a term that you are not familiar with, feel free to come back to this section for assistance.